In the cozy breakfast room we accept our guests in the morning, serving homemade breakfast, which we make in our place every day using our own produce.

From our traditional, family creamery (from father to son) Nikolaos Stavropoulos in Agios Andrianos, Nafplion we take fresh butter, Gruyere cheese, feta cheese, cream cheese, yoghurt, all made from local sheep’s milk. The bread with yeast is made by the dearest mother-in-law, the mother of the owners, in a wood oven and the eggs are from her hens. We have only local honey. Sweet pies, orange pie, milk pie, chocolate pie, bougatsa, pancakes and vanilla-chocolate cake. Biscuits, cookies, bread sticks with carrot or gruyere cheese.

Savory pies, tempelotyropita, spinach pie and omelet are made by me and the girls, who work at the hotel, well, usually by the girls. Homemade seasonal jams are made by Mum, my aunts and whoever has the will or the mood (guests included). I forgot…we have delicious Cretan ntakos, classic with tomato and our cheese and alternatively with cheese and tomato jam…just PERFECT! I make this jam myself as well as another with beetroot and green apple. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Demetra, the lovely wife (at least he says so) of one of the brother owners of the Adiandi and Amymone. The other brother, Nikos Stavropoulos makes our fantastic cheese.

We also serve various seasonal fruit.

You can have your favorite kind of coffee, tea and other herbs, fresh orange juice (the oranges are from our orchard and particularly the dowry provided by my father). We serve three kinds of cured meat and in heavy winter frumenty soup. Our breakfast is served on buffet from early in the morning till late at noon (for the Greeks who stay out late) in our breakfast room or in your room.